Daishinkan Dojo

11th Soke Yamada Yoshitaka

ShinShinRyu Iaijutsu is a 400 year old Japanese sword art, founded by Sekiguchi Yagouemon Ujinari of the Imagawa clan. Teachings include the use of a katana, wakizashi and tanto. All techniques are taught through the traditional means of kata, kumitachi and tameshigiri.

We are located in Elgin, TX, and kieko (practice) at the Daishinkan is led by Brian Nolte, the head instructor and owner of the Daishinkan Dojo.

Class Schedule
Tuesday:  8pm – 9:30pm
Thursday:  8pm – 9:30pm
Sunday:  10am – 12pm

Email daishinkandojo@gmail.com for more information on classes.

You can also find us on facebook.